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Divine Mercy Care is committed to transforming hearts through healthcare as an umbrella healthcare organization committed to promoting life-affirming medical practice.

We serve as the fundraising and educational entity for Tepeyac OB/GYN a pro-life OB/GYN medical center.

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Divine Mercy Care’s Vision and Mission

Vision: Transforming Hearts Through Healthcare

Mission: Serve ~ Inspire ~ Unify

Serving Those in Need

Divine Mercy Care supports medical practices, such as Tepeyac OB/GYN, that respect the dignity of every life and strive to provide excellent care to all, especially those in need.

Inspiring Caregivers and Medical Professionals

Divine Mercy Care wants to ignite a flame in the next generation of pro-life caregivers and medical professionals who seek to practice in a Christian way.

Unifying the Pro-Life Movement

Divine Mercy Care seeks to build unity among the many denominations and many programs that are engaged in pro-life and pro-family work.

Divine Mercy Care’s Core Values

COMMUNITY: We believe people need deep communion with one another and Jesus Christ in order to experience healing.

RENEWAL: We want others to share in being instruments of mercy in the renewing of healthcare over the face of the earth.

MENTORING: By example, we can inspire others to become the next generation of pro-life caregivers and medical professionals.

CONVERSION: Transforming hearts through healthcare begins with examining our own hearts, and then spreads to help others understand the dignity of life and the power of the Gospel in action.

LIGHT: In the chaos of our time we are a light and beacon in the darkness, for patients and providers alike.

TRUST: In this difficult age, we maintain trust and peace from our God of provision and miracles.

PEACEMAKING: Our approach to bringing people together is to be conscious of their backgrounds so that we can communicate with love and effectiveness.

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Phone: (703) 934-5552 | Email: info@divinemercycare.org

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Divine Mercy Care Supports Tepeyac OB/GYN

Phone: (703) 273-9440 | (888) 724-3845 (After Hours) | Email: info@tepeyacobgyn.com

4001 Fair Ridge Drive, Suite 304 Fairfax, VA 22033-2917

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