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Divine Mercy Care

Welcome to Divine Mercy Care

Divine Mercy Care is the fundraising and educational entity for Tepeyac Family Center, LLC, a pro-life OBGYN office. It functions as the parent organization and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit healthcare organization committed to Transforming Hearts Through Healthcare.

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Divine Mercy Care’s Vision and Mission


Vision: Transforming Hearts Through Healthcare

Mission: Serve ~ Inspire ~ Unify

Serving Those in Need

Divine Mercy Care serves medical practices that care for those in need and see medicine as person-centered.

Inspiring Caregivers and Medical Professionals

Divine Mercy Care wants to ignite a flame in the next generation of pro-life caregivers and medical professionals who seek to practice in a Christian way.

Unifying Churches and the Pro-Life Movement

Divine Mercy Care seeks to build unity amongst the many denominations and many programs which are part of pro-life and pro-family work.

Divine Mercy Care’s Core Values


COMMUNION: We can connect people into communities and turn communities into communion, where we experience and build the presence of Christ together.

RENEWAL: Of the healthcare profession to return to being person-centered and Christ-centered.

MENTORING: of the next generation of pro-lifers.

CONVERSION: Taking the plank out of our own eyes and then seeing clearly to help many pro-choice people, providers, and students become pro-life.

LIGHT: Being a light in the darkness and a beacon on a hill.

REST: A mustard tree branch for the weary to send out and serve.

INTERPRETATION: We use words strategically to bring people together, helping people understand the truths of health, life, and faith by meeting them where they are and speaking their language.

Our Programs

Tepeyac Family Center, Pro-life OB/GYN Medical Center


revised doctors image

11096 Lee Highway Suite A101 Fairfax, VA 22030


Divine Mercy Care supports the 1 in 3 pregnant women seen by Tepeyac who could not afford pre-natal care without your help. Many would chose abortion without your assistance.


DMC Education and Outreach


Pro-Life Education and Outreach: On the cutting edge of the pro-life movement, we see merciful medicine as integral to our work.

  • Activism Talks
  • Church Partnerships
  • Helping the Pro-Life Movement Medicalize
  • The March for Life

IMG_6571 IMG_5909

Medical Education and Outreach: We show future doctors and healthcare providers our philosophy of merciful medicine and person-centered care.

  • Mentoring Other Clinics
  • Helping Medical Provider Be Pro-Life
  • Medical Student Rotations
  • Spreading DMC Approach to Medicine

Final Rita Talks IMG_5912

Booths and Tabling at Events: We spread the word about Tepeyac and Divine Mercy Care.

October enewsletter boy and babies October Enewsletter (1) (1)


Infant Gift Baskets

We seek donations of new baby items to help moms in need.  Email to let us know you plan to drop off or ship supplies, or we can come pick them up and are happy to talk to groups collecting for us. 

baby infant gift basket jpg


Infant Memorial Service



Each year around mother’s day we host a memorial service for those who have lost babies due to miscarriage, abortion, or any form of infant loss. 

memservice DSCN0055





Our Current Needs

Email if you can meet these needs

  • Gala and Office Volunteers
  • For Tepeyac: A Phycisian Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or Nurse Midwife
  • Apple Computer
  • Ship or Bring Baby Items for our Infant Gift Basket


Church Partnerships

Click Here to Learn How Churches Can Help Divine Mercy Care and Tepeyac Family Center.

Email to have our Doctors speak at your parish.


Donation Opportunities

Donation Opportunities Chart

$5,000 – keeps Tepeyac and Divine Mercy Care running for one day.

$675 – pays for an abortion-minded woman to get her first appointment with sonogram for free!baby-18937_1920

$235 – pays for poor woman’s thirty minute office visit

$10, $25, $50 – all of these amounts add up! There are so many small costs related to each visit. A poor woman with no resources can receive pre-natal care and deliver a healthy baby because you gave what you could afford!


Board Members

John Bruchalski, MD., Chairman  

Kathryn Doherty, Vice Chairman    


  Ed Grogan           


Jennifer Gross, Treasurer      


 Joseph Cosby       


Tom West     


Divine Mercy Care Staff

Will Waldron, Executive Director

Chaney Mullins, Development Coordinator


Mark Flores,   Business Manager

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Contact Divine Mercy Care

Phone: (703) 934-5552 | Email:

11096 Lee Highway, Suite A101 Fairfax, VA 22030

Contact Tepeyac Family Center

Tepeyac Family Center is the Pro-Life OB/GYN that Divine Mercy Care Supports

Phone: (703) 273-9440 | (888) 724-3845 (After Hours) | Email:

11135 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030

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