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Divine Mercy Care is committed to transforming hearts through healthcare as an umbrella healthcare organization committed to promoting life-affirming medical practice.

We serve as the fundraising and educational entity for Tepeyac Family Center, LLC, a pro-life OB/GYN office. 

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Divine Mercy Care’s Vision and Mission


Vision: Transforming Hearts Through Healthcare

Mission: Serve ~ Inspire ~ Unify

Serving Those in Need

Divine Mercy Care supports medical practices, such as Tepeyac Family Center, that respect the dignity of every life and strive to provide excellent care to all, especially those in need.

Inspiring Caregivers and Medical Professionals

Divine Mercy Care wants to ignite a flame in the next generation of pro-life caregivers and medical professionals who seek to practice in a Christian way.

Unifying the Pro-Life Movement

Divine Mercy Care seeks to build unity amongst the many denominations and many programs which are part of pro-life and pro-family work.

Divine Mercy Care’s Core Values


COMMUNITY: We believe people need deep communion with one another and Jesus Christ in order to experience healing.

RENEWAL: We want others to share in being instruments of mercy in the renewing of healthcare over the face of the earth.

MENTORING: By example we can inspire others to become the next generation of pro-life caregivers and medical professionals.

CONVERSION: Transforming hearts through healthcare begins with examining our own hearts, and then spreads to help others understand the dignity of life and the power of the Gospel in action.

LIGHT: In the chaos of our time we are a light and beacon in the darkness, for patients and providers alike.

TRUST: In this difficult age, we maintain trust and peace from our God of provision and miracles.

PEACEMAKING: Our approach to bringing people together is to be conscious of their backgrounds so that we can communicate with love and effectiveness.

Our Programs

Tepeyac Family Center, Pro-life OB/GYN Medical Center


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11096 Lee Highway Suite A101 Fairfax, VA 22030


Divine Mercy Care supports the 1 in 3 pregnant women seen by Tepeyac who could not afford pre-natal care without your help. Many would choose abortion without your assistance.


DMC Education and Outreach


Pro-Life Education and Outreach: On the cutting edge of the pro-life movement, we see merciful medicine as integral to our work.

  • Activism Talks
  • Church Partnerships
  • Helping the Pro-Life Movement Medicalize
  • The March for Life

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Watch Dr. Bruchalski Speak at the Denver Gospel of Life Conference: Part 1. Part 2.

  • “Moving! I want all my pro-choice friends and family to listen to his testimony. You can feel the passion and conviction in his words.”
  • “You made me want to stay in healthcare instead of giving it up.”
  • “One of the best talk on pro-life I have heard. Great witness, energetic and passionate.”
  • “Touched us all in a personal way.”
  • “How powerful to hear from someone who made such a 180 conversion. He was very informed, well-spoken and passionate.”
  • “Excellent. Learned of the importance of loving relationships to help with various circumstances.”
  • “I pray Tepeyac can grow throughout our country.”
  • “Inspiring – scriptural based.”
  • “Wow! This man is amazing. I was totally engaged the entire time. He is very rooted in faith, so the Holy Spirit was doing the talking. His story is super inspirational and calling into action.”
  • “We asked for a doctor, and we got a prophet.”

Medical Education and Outreach: We show future doctors and healthcare providers our philosophy of merciful medicine and person-centered care.

  • Mentoring Other Clinics
  • Helping Medical Providers Be Pro-Life
  • Medical Student Rotations

For information on medical student rotations, email info@divinemercycare

  • Spreading DMC Approach to Medicine

Final Rita Talks IMG_5912

Booths and Tabling at Events: We spread the word about Tepeyac and Divine Mercy Care.

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Infant Gift Baskets

We seek donations of new baby items to help moms in need.  Email info@divinemercycare.org to let us know you plan to drop off or ship supplies, or we can come pick them up and are happy to talk to groups collecting for us. 

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Infant Memorial Service



Each year around mother’s day we host a memorial service for those who have lost babies due to miscarriage, abortion, or any form of infant loss. 

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EWTNDr. Bruchalski on EWTN

Dr. Bruchalski’s Encounter with Mother Teresa

“I thirst”.  I saw these words before I took off my shoes. It was a cool Saturday morning in the Spring of 1996.  I was on the chapel grounds of the Missionaries of Charity home in Northeast DC.  The night before, my well-connected friend Brenda had called the house,...

Our Current Needs

Email info@divinemercycare.org if you can meet these needs

  • Gala and Office Volunteers
  • Ship or Bring Baby Items for our Infant Gift Basket


Church Partnerships

Click Here to Learn How Churches Can Help Divine Mercy Care and Tepeyac Family Center.

Email info@divinemercycare.org to have our Doctors speak at your parish.


Donation Opportunities

Donation Opportunities Chart

$5,000 – keeps Tepeyac and Divine Mercy Care running for one day.

$675 – pays for an abortion-minded woman to get her first appointment with sonogram for free!baby-18937_1920

$235 – pays for poor woman’s thirty minute office visit

$10, $25, $50 – all of these amounts add up! There are so many small costs related to each visit. A poor woman with no resources can receive pre-natal care and deliver a healthy baby because you gave what you could afford!


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Shop and Donate!

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Mystic Monk Coffee

Board Members

John Bruchalski, MD., Chairman  

Kathryn Doherty, Vice Chairman    


  Ed Grogan           


Jennifer Gross, Treasurer      


 Joseph Cosby       


Tom West     


Divine Mercy Care Staff

Will Waldron

Executive Director

William ‘Will’ Waldron comes to Divine Mercy Care after 20+ years in business and non-profit management. Will has primarily been fundraising for educational institutions including: Assumption College, Salisbury School, Georgetown University, Mercersburg Academy and most recently McLean School in Potomac, MD. Will’s experience in annual giving, donor stewardship, major donor solicitation, and capital campaign will be put to use as Will and the rest of the Divine Mercy team raises funds, communicates the message and promotes the mission of Divine Mercy Care.  Will and his wife Mary (Pennefather) Waldron live in Manassas with their 8 children seven of which were born through Tepeyac Family Center.

Chaney Mullins

Development Coordinator

Chaney Mullins is a graduate of the University of Virginia majoring in Architectural History and Sociology and was later a fellow at the John Jay Institute for Faith, Society, and Law.  She is a co-founder of the US branch of the Amore Project, a theology of the body based ministry founded in Italy and brought to Truro Anglican Church. Chaney also serves as a special projects writer for Concerned Women for America and serves on the board of Healing Center International.   Chaney is passionate about building community and helping people see God in everyday life. She particularly enjoys transferring the dreams of visionary leaders into tangible, practical plans of action.  Her other interests include cooking, country music, movies, weddings, photobook creation, dancing, and family.

Mark Flores

Business Manager

Mark Flores has been a Northern Virginia resident most of his life.  He had a background in the private patent and trademark industry as well as a mailing company before working for 7 years as a Virginia and Maryland residential real estate agent at a local real estate brokerage firm. Mark came to Divine Mercy Care in 2014 as an opportunity to combine his work and long-standing passion for the pro-life movement. Mark is a member of the Knights of Columbus and an active member of local men’s groups and church activities.  Mark’s skills include faith-apologetics, Spanish language fluency, and the bass guitar.  He especially enjoys spending time with his friends, 11 siblings, and over 30 nieces and nephews.

Contact Divine Mercy Care

Phone: (703) 934-5552 | Email: info@divinemercycare.org

11096 Lee Highway, Suite A101 Fairfax, VA 22030

Contact Tepeyac Family Center

Tepeyac Family Center is the Pro-Life OB/GYN that Divine Mercy Care Supports

Phone: (703) 273-9440 | (888) 724-3845 (After Hours) | Email: info@tepeyacfamilycenter.com

11135 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030

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