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Richards Resignation Creates New Opportunities for Planned Parenthood

Fairfax, Virginia, January 25, 2018 – Yesterday’s announcement of Cecile Richards’ resignation as president of Planned Parenthood inspired excitement and hopefulness in pro-life leaders. Internationally known Dr. John Bruchalski, founder of Tepeyac OB/GYN and Divine Mercy Care; Will Waldron, Divine Mercy Care’s executive director; and Chaney Mullins, operations manager of Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers (PWHC) had this to say regarding Planned Parenthood’s future:

“An organization that’s genuinely concerned with healthcare must operate from a basis of sound medical science,” said Dr. Bruchalski. “A change of course at this point in Planned Parenthood’s history would permit that organization to do exactly that. Safe, free, effective, all-natural fertility-based family planning methods will serve the whole woman and permit full development of empowered women—something that Planned Parenthood has long professed to support.”

“Under new leadership,” Waldron commented, “Planned Parenthood will have a new chance to live up to its name by developing programs and services that actually assist people who plan to become parents. I’ve lost track of how long the disconnect between the Planned Parenthood name and its concentration on abortion and artificial birth control (both methods of ensuring no parenthood) has been growing. No one who’s interested in truthfulness can feel comfortable with such a contradiction.”

Mullins remarked that “Planned Parenthood has had quite the leader at its helm. In Richards’ time, Planned Parenthood has grown into one of the most well-known and controversial organizations. She oversaw a shift in Planned Parenthood’s marketing language from ‘choice’ to ‘healthcare,’ leading many to think Planned Parenthood is a vital women’s healthcare provider in the social safety net. Instead, women want wider options presented to them—organic family planning options, birth options, parenting and adoption options—real choices and assistance from high-quality healthcare providers. This is the promise of PWHC, and we are glad to be an emerging voice for women’s health.”

In an off-the-record collective statement, all three of these pro-life warriors expressed agreement: Planned Parenthood is presented with an unparalleled opportunity to transform its services into what truly promotes the best interests of women.