A Day in the Office…

You wouldn’t believe what a day at Tepeyac brings! It’s always an adventure. Let me pull a few examples together to paint a picture for you of what is happening here.

I might start my morning off with a tough case – an abortion-minded woman – whose decision could rest upon her experience with a doctor. After her free appointment and sonogram, I’m so relieved when she chooses life! But now we need to cover her care, which can cost $7,500. We are grateful when pregnancy centers pitch in, and when churches and individuals “Support a Mom” to underwrite the cost of her care, and get to know her personal story in return. I hope you contact us about implementing this in your church!

 My day goes on, looking so different than a day of another OB/GYN in our area – who’d be writing birth control prescriptions, urging young women to obtain contraceptive implants, and referring for abortion when these methods fail. We need about $5,000 from donors each day to keep up Christ-centered medicine: medicine that offers a personal touch, a chapel, prayer with patients, and the ability to forgo revenue-generating services like sterilization and contraception that simply aren’t good medicine.

You help us offer a different kind of patient experience – as one patient put it, “The doctors are patient enough to answer your many questions without hurrying you out of the office.” That’s why most of our patients actually have insurance, and choose to come here for the great care offered.

But the day has only just begun. After my morning patients, I quickly pack up my things to go downtown to speak to medical students on whether abortion is medically necessary. Since I’ll be out a large chunk of the day I won’t be bringing into the practice the usual $2,500, but it’s worth it – I have to inspire the next generation. Through your support, I am able to show that abortion is never the answer. Afterward, some students approach me, explaining that even though they weren’t ready to consider themselves pro-life, they have decided they really don’t ever want to perform abortions themselves!

 Back at the office, my colleagues see a woman in need who is getting her check-up ultrasound (about $420 value) and prenatal visit (about $230 value) thanks to your support. Our baby basket volunteers have put together a special basket of baby supplies for her (about $130 value). She is so thankful she can soon enjoy her baby instead of worrying about where the next diaper will come from.

You can see how diverse our needs are – and this is just a day when I am NOT at the hospital! Please support us with your highest gift so we can continue this heartwarming work. Thank you so much for your support.



Dr. John Bruchalski – DMC Founder


Your Gifts Transform Hearts

$7,500/$625 per month Covers the cost of medical care for a pregnant woman in need

$5,000/$420 per month – Covers a day of running Tepeyac and DMC

$2,500/$210 per month – Covers the cost of a provider being out of the office while spreading pro-life medicinebaby-18937_1920

$420/$35 per month – Covers an ultrasound visit

$230/$20 per month – Covers a prenatal visit

$130/$10 per month – Covers an Infant Gift Basket

$10, $25, $50 – all of these amounts add up! There are so many small costs related to each visit. A woman with no resources can receive prenatal care and deliver a healthy baby because you gave what you could afford!


Experience Something More at Tepeyac OB/GYN

  • Convenient New Location
  • Christ-Centered medicine that follows the Church’s ethical guidelines for medicine
  • Chapel available in our office
  • Board-certified doctors and midwife who pray with and for you
  • Respect for fertility and the body – no sterilization, contraception, or unnecessary surgery
  • Most insurances accepted
  • Services from adolescent health to menopausal health and everything in between
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