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Tepeyac Family Center

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11096 Lee Highway Suite A101 Fairfax, VA 22030



Divine Mercy Care supports the 1 in 3 pregnant women seen by Tepeyac who could not afford pre-natal care without your help. Many would choose abortion without your assistance.


Infant Gift Baskets

We seek donations of new baby items to help moms in need.  Email info@divinemercycare.org to let us know you plan to drop off or ship supplies, or we can come pick them up and are happy to talk to groups collecting for us.

For a list of needed items, please click here.


Infant Memorial Service

Each year around mother’s day we host a memorial service for those who have lost babies due to miscarriage, abortion, or any form of infant loss.





Pro-Life Education and Outreach
  • Encouraging Pro-Life Caregivers and Prayer Warriors
    • Watch Dr. Bruchalski Speak at the Denver Gospel of Life Conference: Part 1. Part 2
      • “Moving! I want all my pro-choice friends and family to listen to his testimony. You can feel the passion and conviction in his words.”
      • “You made me want to stay in healthcare instead of giving it up.”
      • “One of the best talk on pro-life I have heard. Great witness, energetic and passionate.”
      • “Touched us all in a personal way.”
      • “How powerful to hear from someone who made such a 180 conversion.”
      • “Excellent. Learned of the importance of loving relationships to help with various circumstances.”
      • “I pray Tepeyac can grow throughout our country.”
      • “Wow! This man is amazing. I was totally engaged the entire time. He is very rooted in faith, so the Holy Spirit was doing the talking. His story is super inspirational and calling into action.”
      • “We asked for a doctor, and we got a prophet.”
  • Speaking for Pregnancy Centers
  • Participation in the March for Life
    • 2017 March Photos Slideshow!
Medical Education and Outreach
  • Speak at Medical Schools
  • Manage Medical Student Rotations at Tepeyac
  • Train Pro-Life OB/GYNs
  • Help Medical Providers Become Faith-Filled

If you are pre-med, in medical school, wish to rotate at Tepeyac, or seek support and medical training from our pro-life OB/GYNs, email info@divinemercycare.org



Aslan’s Army Church Partnerships

We work with a volunteer army to recruit churches which help DMC through tithes, offerings, gala sponsorships, and educational events.  These volunteers also host informational tables and share their personal stories to recruit new Tepeyac Patients.

Pro-Life Unification

Collaboration among the pro-life movement to work together providing more services to women, including medical care, across the nation.