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Gloria’s Journey

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UPDATE 1: June 2016

Gloria came to Tepeyac completely terrified of what was before her.  The thought of having a baby right now – and all the financial worries that come with that.  How was she even going to pay for the doctor she knew she needed?

At Tepeyac, she found the loyal patient advocate, ready to tend to her every need and walk with her each step of the way.  She was able to get in promptly for her first sonogram and speak directly to our doctor, who assured her that she could keep coming back for every appointment – despite her financial situation.  It’s been amazing for the staff to already see the transformation in Gloria, who is beginning to look forward to having this new life around.


**Names and details may have been changed to protect anonymity. The money donated to DMC does not directly support each individual woman but rather the general funds and programs of DMC and TFC, which includes the charity medical care that helps many women in need receive care.

6-7 weeks: Confirmation of Pregnancy


pregnancy test


8-10 weeks - That First Sonogram!



12 weeks: Tests and Screenings

16 weeks: Discussing Testing Results, Early Gender Detection!


20 weeks: Detailed Ultrasound and Confirmation of Gender!


24 weeks: Time to talk about what Childbirth will be like


28 weeks: Check for Gestational Diabetes to Ensure Optimal Health

32 weeks: Birth Plan Developed


35 weeks: Time to talk car seats and breastfeeding


37 weeks: Discuss what Bringing Baby Home will be like.


38,39,40 weeks: Weekly Checks