Make Room at the New Inn!

Help Make Room at the New Inn by giving your Christmas and end of year gifts to Divine Mercy Care and Tepeyac Family Center


After a long search, God has given us a new “Inn” where we can welcome everyone.  We will move to 4001 Fair Ridge Drive, Fairfax, VA in early 2017!

This location is just up route 50, on the same street as the very first Tepeyac office.  The office is easily accessible and much closer to Fair Oaks Hospital, where Tepeyac babies are delivered.  This first-class medical facility will finally present an aesthetic and professionalism that matches the caliber and the quality of the medicine Tepeyac already provides.

We need everyone to come together so this “Inn” is stocked with everything each “holy family” visiting might need.  Can you help us to welcome the women and children God sends our way?

You may have read the article about our upcoming move in the Arlington Catholic Herald.

Please share this article and this exciting news with your family and friends.  We would love to give tours of this new facility before it opens.  Contact to set up a time.

This beautiful Christmas season, do not forget the many women who have nowhere else to go. As we remember Mary’s journey to Bethlehem, open your heart to the women knocking on Tepeyac’s door.

Tepeyac is the Inn. You are the innkeeper.  They are knocking.

Regardless of where they come from, every woman is welcome here.  The weak and the strong, the poor and the rich, the sick and the well – there is room for them.

Will you make room?  Will you welcome them in?

We cannot open this “Inn” without you!

We need your help – from the $150,000 Waiting Room Naming Sponsor all the way to the $50 stethoscope – and everything in between.  Every gift counts and nothing is wasted.  Below is a detailed inventory where you can find a list of what we need to make this move a reality.

In the promise of new life,

Will Waldron

Executive Director, Divine Mercy Care

P.S. The new Tepeyac office opens early 2017.  We need your donations to help stock the new Tepeyac “Inn” with everything needed to open our doors to whomever God sends.

Inventory of Needs for the Move