Unifying the Pro-Life Movement

Divine Mercy Care seeks to build local and national unity among the many organizations that are engaged in pro-life and pro-family work.

Local Unification

Promoting local collaboration among the many organizations that can work together to provide more services to women and families.

If you are a local pregnancy center, maternity home, parenting class teacher, food bank, shelter, or other social or medical service, please contact DMC at info@divinemercycare.org so we can improve our local referral network.

National Pro-Life Unification

Facilitating national collaboration among the many pro-life healthcare centers that desire to grow the pro-life medical movement.

We want to encourage more centers to offer comprehensive women’s healthcare services to all women, including those in need.  Medicine is a vital part of the culture of life.  We encourage pro-life Pregnancy Centers, Fertility Care Centers, and OB/GYNs to work towards greater collaboration to ensure women receive comprehensive, convenient, and high-quality medical services and access to social services that empower them to care for their health.  To contact us about this project, email info@divinemercycare.org