Unifying the Pro-Life Movement

Divine Mercy Care seeks to build unity among the many church denominations and other organizations that are engaged in pro-life and pro-family work.

Aslan’s Army Church Partnerships

Working with a volunteer army to recruit churches which help DMC through tithes, offerings, gala sponsorships, and educational events. These volunteers also host informational tables and share their personal stories to recruit new Tepeyac patients.

To download a PDF of our Aslan’s Army Brochure,Click Here.

Email info@divinemercycare.org to get involved in Aslan’s Army or have our Doctors speak at your parish.

Local and National Pro-Life Unification

Collaborating among the pro-life movement to work together providing more services to women, including medical care, across the nation.  If you are a local pregnancy center, maternity home, parenting class teacher, food bank, shelter, or other social or medical service, please contact DMC at info@divinemercycare.org so we can improve our local referral network.

We are working with national groups to encourage the medicalization and unification of the pro-life movement.  Far too few pro-life doctors and centers offer prenatal care for women in need, which is a vital part of the culture of life.  We encourage pro-life Pregnancy Centers, Fertility Care Centers, and OB/GYN to work towards greater collaboration in their local area to ensure women receive comprehensive, convenient, and high-quality services.  To contact us about this project, email info@divinemercycare.org