The DMC Donate Your Birthday Campaign

Making More Birthdays Possible

Anyone can donate their birthday to Divine Mercy Care!

In lieu of getting you a gift, your friends can donate in honor of you or your child’s life!

Their donations will help underwrite a mother who can’t afford to pay for her and her babies pre-natal Medical care. The approximate cost to a mother have a baby is $7,500, this includes all the Doctor visits, sonograms, the Doctor’s fees to deliver the baby and the post-partum check-up.

$5, $10, maybe a dollar for every year of you or your child’s life!

The amount does not matter, what matters is that they chose to honor the birthday in a way that makes more birthdays possible for the unborn children cared for through these donations!

We will provide you with a unique link to your own unique giving page where friends and family can give directly online.  Share the link on email, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

After hearing another request for gift ideas for our children’s birthdays, we realized that our children don’t need any more toys, knick knacks, or stuffed animals. We decided that from now on, when our children had parties with friends, we would invite the attendees to bring a monetary donation to our favorite local charity in lieu of a gift. The response from the parents of the attendees has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic with some indicating they want to begin doing the same!
Having moved back to VA a year ago, we needed to change the charity from years past. We gave our children 3 options, explained each one, and allowed them to choose. Our 2 birthday boys  (ages 16 and 11) chose Divine Mercy Care; in addition,  our 12 yo daughter chose DMC for her tithing from small jobs.
It’s important to celebrate these momentous occasions and doing so while raising funds for and awareness of DMC has made them even more special.


Family in Woodbridge

No Greater Gift… 

Than a Child’s Life.