2018 Summer Appeal

Friends, this is not an unfamiliar story:


A lightly mascara-ed mother of 5, new to the NoVA suburbs, recently strollered her way into the new Tepeyacwaiting room. Her hair was as kempt as she could keep it, and the feet of her youngest dangled sleepily at the ankles from the edge of the black Snap ’n Go. The bucket was getting a bit small for the little boy, but it did the job for now. She had just dropped off her other four at a local school-run summer camp for the morning. The camp ran for a week, and within that time period, she planned to get all the errands done. She knew she was pregnant, she was happy about it, and she had made the appointment to confirm and set up the appropriate prenatal care.


She and her husband were transplants to the DC area, and they had come to know Tepeyacthrough several motherly members of their new church. These women knew the Tepeyacdoctors on account of their own experiences and through their support of Divine Mercy Care. Each woman had a unique story, and each measured the quality of her care by the dignity with which she, her family, and her pre-born child were treated.


A couple fought back tears, when recollecting their stories. One woman had been 6 months pregnant, when her husband lost his job and thus their insurance. Tepeyacwas able to fund all the services offered by the practice, including the delivery of their son. Another woman courageously told the story of her daughter, whom she knew would not survive more than a week, due to a genetic disorder. Her Tepeyacprovider had prepared her and her family for the delivery and the subsequent passing of the baby girl, who didn’t live more than a day. Yet, the baby was born, held, — loved, and baptized before she died…


We recognize and acknowledge your consistent monthly support of Divine Mercy Care. Your supportof pro-life medicine is vital to our work and the movement!!

You aim your philanthropy at the heart of the cause: MEDICINE!! We are never short of inspiring or meaningful work! And we recognize that YOU, make our existence and mission possible! Thus, we humbly ask following:


$7,500 underwrites the total Tepeyaccost of care for a woman in need. Donate individually or through your church. Ask about our Aslan’s Army church outreach program!! Become an Aslan’s Army Captain!!


$2,000 underwrites the cost of a doctor’s speaking event.Tepeyac loses great than $2000 each day a doctor is absent from the office for a pro-life speaking event. Donate to support our education. Ask about the sponsorships of this year’s Gala!


$650 underwrites the cost of one free “baby-saver” appointment. Tepeyac offers a combined pre-natal/ultrasound appointment to an abortion-minded woman. Donate individually or help us fundraise through your local pregnancy center!!



Very Respectfully,

William Waldron

Executive Director

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