Divine Mercy Care seeks to build local and national unity among the many organizations that are engaged in pro-life and pro-family work.


Local Unification

Promoting local collaboration among the many organizations that can work together to provide more services to women and families.

If you are a local pregnancy center, maternity home, parenting class teacher, food bank, shelter, or other social or medical service, please contact DMC at info@divinemercycare.org so we can improve our local referral network.

National Pro-Life Unification

Facilitating national collaboration among the many pro-life healthcare centers that desire to grow the pro-life medical movement.

Dr. Bruchalski has connected with other providers and practices doing similar work.  Some of these he even co-presented with at the 2017 conference hosted by the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs. Read more about the presentation in this paper on “How to Have a Pro-Life Private Practice”, a record of the proceedings from the conference published in the Issues in Law and Medicine Journal: Fall 2017, Volume 32, Number 2, 2017.  Work with these and other center models has led to establishing a consortium to encourage the movement. This project has come to be known as the consortium of Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers (PWHC).

The mission of the consortium of Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers is to partner with women to provide comprehensive, convenient, compassionate, high-quality medical services and access to social services that empower them to care for their health.

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